Gravure Choquet

Founded in 1973, Gravure Choquet today is at the forefront of Canada's
specialized printing industry and has become Quebec's flagship in its field.
Because of its uncompromising quality standards, Gravure Choquet has forged itself
a reputation of excellence that has long since been acknowledged by its large
and diverse clientele. Major printing plants, advertising agencies, big, medium and
small businesses alike, have entrusted Gravure Choquet with their corporate projects
in the knowledge that they will obtain the best quality of work and diligent service.

8777 Champ d'Eau
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
H1P 3A6


A unique expertise
High quality engraving,
embossing and stamping work,
personalized 3D holograms and textures.
Large or small volume
Oversized sheets
Customized work

Association FSEA FOIL FX
Choquet Team

Foil Sample